FYI, I released AFC code today to a few "alpha" testers with their own development environments. There's still some room for additional people who might be willing to receive and check out this code. If you're interested in temperature and altitude focus compensation (autofocus start position seeds and/or "between exposures" focus adjustments), please send me a PM and I'll get you the code and bring you up to speed on how to build/run it.

For everyone else who might be interested in using this feature in the future, this is a second heads-up that you should enable verbose focus logging now to start storing successful autofocus summary (CSV) data needed to create a model for AFC. The needed data currently is logged to a file in CSV format here:

You don't need to save kstars/ekos logs if you don't want them for other purposes, but save those autofocus<date>.txt files! A good set of autofocus logs containing a spread of temperatures and (optionally) target altitudes will make for progressively better models. Getting a leg up on collected data before it's needed is a word to the wise. Cheers, Doug