Doug S replied to the topic 'New Focus Algorithm in Ekos' in the forum. 7 months ago

Hi Ron,

A couple thoughts for you. I like the approach, it has a BIG advantage over the current linear alg in that it doesn't "pull up short" which has previously been described by prior posts on the subject.

My only suggestion is to consider whether you want to make the same mistake Linear Alg made in the Mechanics tab. Picking an "Initial Step", and "Out Step Multiple" has created a lot of unnecessary confusion for folks. In reality, the "proper" way to define the step size and out step multiple is to calculate those parameters from other system info as it relates to CFZ. Knowing the focus drawtube screw pitch and motor scale would ensure the correct step-size is used. Alternatively, not knowing these parameters creates the conditions for step-size exceeding the CFZ (jumps over), or too small (wasting focus time). This is completely avoidable. You might want to consider at least having an option to calculate the step size, correlating to CFZ, motor scale, and focuser thread pitch size. See the following info which might help:

Cheers, and good luck, Doug S