I am running Ubuntu LTS 2004bleeding and keep encountering broken drivers and such. I often I spend more time fighting broken software than under the stars.
I would like advice as to the suitability of using snap releases instead of the bleeding edge development releases. What about Manjaro?

I want to stay up-to-date but not sacrifice stability. Thoughts anyone ?
BTW, I would like to thank Hy Murveit for his work on the Astro-Physics driver. It was sorely need and is much appreciated by me.


I am running bleeding edge Ubuntu LTS 2004.Every thing worked when I used this exact rig during during the previous new moon. All updates were done in a timely manned. No errors until now.


I am running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS --- bleeding ...
I'm a bit confused... and a new moon is going to waste.
I think the indi_asi_ccd dirver is closed source and we are dependant on ZWO to fix this.Please confirm.

If I am mistaken and a compile from source will fix this, then I need to verify that this URL links to the latest source building instructions for my architecture.
... finally, Is there a simple way to switch to an earlier INDI version that will allow me to use a 6200MC camera with a CEM40 mount.


This is the line in my log file:
[2022-07-26T21:47:14.018 MST DEBG ][ org.kde.kstars.indi] - INDI Server: "2022-07-27T04:47:13: Driver indi_asi_ccd: indi_asi_ccd: symbol lookup error: indi_asi_ccd: undefined symbol: _ZN4INDI3CCD15addFITSKeywordsEP8fitsfilePNS_7CCDChipE"

Running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Kstars Bleeding ...


I have the above UPBv2 and want to standardize on it (and of course Kstars/Ekos) for my 3 most important scope/mount rigs.  I am running Ubuntu LTS 2004 on an older Dell laptop with 32GB of RAM.  I have bleeding-edge Kstars installed from Jasems's PPA. the UPBv2 firmware is v2.4. All software is fully up to date.

My mount is a Mach1GTO.  I am starting with a 80mm refractor and have a GPS dongle and2 ZWO cameras (290mini and 2600MC) in my immediate configuration.  I will be using other cameras and a filter wheel in other configurations.  I may add a SQM meter or perhaps other gizmos in the future.  I hope to build the other two rigs around the UPBv2 to minimize cabling problems.

I believe all of my troubles center on the USB hub and its INDI driver.  I can communicate with everything when I connect to this rig with a Win10 machine.  I can sometimes get INDI to communicate after a win10 session.  I had everything working under INDI last week with a filter wheel and the zWO 6200.  I created a new profile and swapped them out for the 2600.  I haven't been able to reliably use the rig since.

The problems are such as the GPS device (managed with gpsd) is found but will not communicate a fix.   The ASI2600 will appear after a Win10 session and then disappear after a EKOS re-connection, sometimes.

The mount is on ttyUSB0 and the UPBv2 is on ttyUSB1.  These comm assignments are stable.  I wonder if a configuration file has been corrupted. 

I clicked on the Serial Assistant button and nothing happens, no pop-up window, no6hing.  I don't know if the SA is intended to manage subordinate USB devices or not.

I really want this architecture to work reliably. Some guidance sorting this out will be appreciated. Who maintains the INDI driver for the UPB, Pegasus or a volunteer?

The Mach1 driver could use some love too, but that is for another post.

Thanks all,