kross wrote:

esb wrote: And a problem like this wouldn't be complete without a facepalm. I just noticed with the stepper attached to my RedCat, if I ran it from 0 (fully retracted) to nearly max (500) and then back to 0, it kept missing the zero point by a few degrees (it was always short). It turns out the grub/set screw for the pulley attached to the stepper is loose. Double-d'oh! That means I have at least 10+ steps of backlash. I'm guessing it will work much better with a tight pulley.

Consider yourself getting off easy! When I did the Rowan belt mod for my Orion Atlas mount, one of the set screws on a pully deep inside the mount wasn't tight enough. Took me a month to figure out why I was getting such bad backlash in Dec movements! So I had to tear the mount apart to tighten that screw. I put blue Loc-Tite on those screws, just because I was mad at them!

Its especially ironic because the grub screw is one of the first things I advise others to check for many different kinds of 3d printer issues. I need to take my own advice.