Eric Brown created a new topic ' Polar Alignment question' in the forum. 3 years ago

Is there any way to control the slew speed used by the polar alignment process between images? It seems to want to use the "Find" speed for me which is set to quite slow in my mount. Regular gotos use the max speed, and it seems like the PA process should use the same. This seems to be new behavior, though its possible a firmware update to my mount has changed the default Find speed.

And is it possible to control what the mount does after the PA is finished? It seems to want to try to park the scope when done. But typically I'll want to run the process multiple times as I get the alignment dialed in. Ideally it would return to the starting position.

On a related note, is there any predictable way to automatically slew the mount to what it thinks is due north with the RA axis straight up? That's the position that I want to start my polar alignments from as there are obstructions that prevent it from working if I start too far from that.