The latest Astroberry included a slightly broken indi_setprop command. The workaround is to specify the INDI server host. To test if this is your issue, bypass the script and just use the following command line tools.  (note the -h part)

indi_setprop -h "EQMod Mount.SNAPPORT1.SNAPPORT1_ON=On"
indi_setprop -h "EQMod Mount.SNAPPORT1.SNAPPORT1_OFF=On"

If that works, you can set a temporary alias in the script or just hardcode the host on all indi_setprop and indi_getprop commands.

Something like this at the top of any bash scripts that use these commands will work around the issue for now.
# Temporary aliases to work around localhost issue.
shopt -s expand_aliases
alias indi_getprop="indi_getprop -h"
alias indi_setprop="indi_setprop -h"
alias indi_eval="indi_eval -h"