Paul Muller replied to the topic 'Kstars 3.5.0 OSx' in the forum. yesterday

Thanks, I'm really struggling with the error compiling drvrnet.c - I thought it might have been an include file issues but no such luck with an easy problem.

I used to love that OSX was such a clean Unix variant, now it just feels like (a more secure, more friendly) headache!

I tried compiling it directly from the indi source build, but was having what looked like clang related issues with the ffmpeg module, so hitting my head against a lot of walls (and to be fair I;'m not a full time or even part time developer, I know enough to hack about, but I've got a lot fo catching up to do with 20 years of downtime between my last coding job and now!


Paul Muller replied to the topic 'Kstars 3.5.0 OSx' in the forum. yesterday

Awesome news!

Related topic, is there a tutorial on how to compile on macOS (Catalina) from source?

I have been trying, mainly to work on the WeatherWatcher driver to add support for SQM and other metrics and keep hitting the following error -

~/Documents/GitHub/indi/libs/stream/encoder/mjpegencoder.cpp:87:46: error: no member named 'floor' in namespace 'std'; did
you mean simply 'floor'?
int scale = std::max(1, static_cast<int>(std::floor(rawWidth / SCALE_WIDTH)));
/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/../include/c++/v1/math.h:944:1: note: 'floor' declared here
floor(_A1 __lcpp_x) _NOEXCEPT {return ::floor((double)__lcpp_x);}
1 error generated.
make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/indidriver.dir/libs/stream/encoder/mjpegencoder.cpp.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/indidriver.dir/all] Error 2

Any pointers/tips?


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I've reported it as a bug in GitHub and Jassem's replied - indeed this is the definition of a nightmare bug in that it's very hard to repeat. Just had it tonight and the only way I could find around it was to edit the config files by hand.

My symptoms tonight were more that I could save but I couldn't adjust the parameters in teh Connections tab.

Again same as everyone, running the latest greatest.


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Gunter - it's a pretty straight forward driver in that it talks to Wolfgang's custom made Arduino firmware that presents uncallbratied sensors data that you can then fine tune within the driver control panel.

Simplistically that would mean your weather station would need to change how it format its output - probably easier to go through Weather Proxy


Fascinating! Well it's not mirror flop then!

Could you screen **** your settings and share - this is interesting!


Hey Paul, in a word, no - unless I am collimating - which makes me think that perhaps you're using an SCT and your focuser is moving the mirror and you're getting mirror shift/flop.

What type of scope is it?