Joaquin created a new topic ' I do not understand 3D Cube' in the forum. 1 year ago

There is a setting in KStars Configuration for FITS processing called 3D Cube that I don't understand.

What does it do?

With a DSLR I don't see any difference shooting FITS or Native whether it is marked or not
With 3D Cube selected or not, the files have the same size (23.3 FITS, 8.5 NEF) and show in the same way with Image Viewer (natural color image for Native and monochrome image (green) for FITS).

The ToolTip for 3D Cube says: 'Process 3D (RGB) FITS images. If unchecked only first channel if processed'
But I do not understand what that means. Which is the 'process' it refers ? 

More, the tooltip for 'Limited Resources Mode' says: '3D Cube: RGB images will not be processed. Only gray scale images are shown'

Does this suggest that 3D Cube is related to how the images are displayed and not to the file itself?
But I do not see differences between the images...