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Thank you for your help.

Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear enough previously. I was doing just as you suggested: I did have profiles on my remote PC, and I had separate profiles on the Stellarmate. I tried to allow the Stellarmate to operate autonomously by connecting through VNC to set up its scheduler. However when I did so the profiles on the Stellarmate did not show on the Stellarmate scheduler profile drop-down, only "default profile".

However last night I tried again to make sure I had not done something wrong. This time it worked as expected: the profiles on the Stellarmate showed in the scheduler profile drop-down, and when I ran the scheduler it performed as expected.

I'm not sure what had gone wrong - perhaps the first time I tried something had not been properly initialized, perhaps I needed to reboot, I don't know. Any way it is working now!

Thank you again for your help.

Aaron G.


Aaron Glatzer created a new topic ' Use Scheduler on-board Stellarmate?' in the forum. 2 months ago

Has anyone gotten the scheduler to work on-board the Stellarmate (connecting via VNC)? I spent all day last Sunday trying to get it to work; instead I finally found that running EKOS scheduler on a remote PC would work instead. I can run that way OK, but I expect I may have occasions where I prefer to run the Stellarmate autonomously without a remote PC steering it. All other functions that I tried seemed to work, if I recall correctly: imaging, plate-solving, running the mount.

Perhaps related: I noticed in the profiles drop-down on the scheduler tab none of my profiles were listed, just "default profile". Just to be clear, I'm not talking about profiles I had on the remote PC, I had several profiles on-board the Stellarmate and none were listed.

I'm using a Stellarmate gadget bought from a dealer, updated to StellarmateOS 1.5.1 I downloaded from Jasem's site and burned to the SDcard a couple of weeks ago. I have not done any updates to the stock download; maybe I need to do that?

Aaron G.