Chris created a new topic ' Canon EOS 1000D - How to take flats?' in the forum. 3 years ago

I'm new to KStars and Ekos. I have recently installed Astroberry 2.0.1. I used Windows / ASCOM / EQASCOM before.

I'm trying to take some flats with my Canon EOS 1000D and I seem to have an issue with exposure time.
I have some old flats that show an exposure time of 1/4000sec. So I set up a plan in Ekos - Camera tab, set Type to Flat, duration to 0.000250, count 5, ISO 800.

Ekos proceeds to take the exposures, but when I open them they are completely white. The exposure time shown is 1sec (that would explain the white as they would be completely overexposed).
I've tried several values below 1sec for exposure time but I always seem to get 1sec exposures.

How can I get very short exposures for flats?

Could it be because the camera is set to M mode? I tried changing the camera to Av mode but then the capture fails and I get an error in Ekos Control Panel:
[WARNING] Camera auto exposure mode is not set to either BULB or MANUAL modes (AV). Please set mode to BULB for long exposures.