I had an update last night to Stellarmate Stable (I think to 1.8.9?) no crashes here


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maxthebuilder wrote: On my system (after SM 1.5.5 update?) dtoverlay = vc4-fkms-v3d is already commented out.
Yes, FireCapture is more responsive now but still sluggish.

Giving up on FireCapture.
For my limited planetary needs, with its latest improvements (and coming too), Ekos is good enough for me.

Neuge wrote: Hi there,

for everyone who has problems with the speed of Firecapture in Stellarmate.
Here is my solution:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt
change "dtoverlay = vc4-fkms-v3d"
# dtoverlay = vc4-fkms-v3d

3D support is deactivated and the system works with the old (native) driver. This relieves the system and allows Firecapture to run faster.


I'm running 1.5.6 and dtoverlay = vc4-fkms-v3d is in there twice, once commented out.
FC V2.7 beta

I've commented the first mention of it out too and now I have freed another 20-30% of CPU usage
It can't cope with the full frame of my ASI1600MM but it can with BIN2x2 or a small ROI
Will experiment with the moon tonight.


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I did a quick google and came across a link to this howto which includes how to shrink the image down


Perhaps that's what you are after?


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If you are just looking to back up your Kstars/Indi I think you only need the following:


Hmmm I have managed to get both Ekos and Kstars to crash today whilst playing.

I was exploring the ISO settings, last time I tried these with a stable Stellarmate it had no effect. I did this through the capture module. Happy to report in ISO now seems to work on the Beta I am running.

Focus also works, using the live preview I was able to focus the lens in and out - not tried a star yet, that's tonights test but works with the row of trees in the garden.

However if I try and set say 2 exposures in a sequence, it crashes Ekos/Kstars

I made the mistake of clicking on the record button on the live preview and that resulted in total loss of availability of the PI and I had to power cycle to get it back running.

After the power cycle I retried - it seems to be crashing when it tries to save the file after downloading it.

I turned on debugging (File, verbose etc) but I am struggling with the Ekos Debugger hopefully I've done this right! :)

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Debug Log:
[Warning: Spoiler!]


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The horizon in Kstars is great but one issue I often struggle with is which point to take as the edge of the horizon when building it using my scope, use the centre of FOV or the edge of FOV? This would make 'tarket is 5 degrees above artificial horizon' something that would need to be standardised.

I think I used centre last time, but this has changed slightly as there are no leaves on the trees at the moment :)

However, being able to judge against the horizon in the scheduler is a good item - as then I wouldn't have to manually alter my sequences to stop before the target disappears and then move on to something else.


I mean controlling the in camera focus using SM. I've just tried it and it seems to work, though that wasn't pointed at stars it was just in the house.
I'll look to give it a go later this week if the clouds head off :)

Will make a nice addition to the main scope running a wide field off SLR mounted to the scope so whilst I wont get dithering on the Z6 if the scope if guiding, it should be stable for a long exposure elsewhere in the sky at a shorter focal length I think?

I was surprised at the long download speed, quite a few seconds to get the image from the camera, but that could be a combo of USB2 and a PI3B+ rather than my usual Pi4 USB3 on the main scope camera.

Quite looking forward to trying this out!


I tried my Z6 some time back and the only issue I had was with the ISO setting not working.

I've just prep'ed a SD card to set up a 3B+ to try on the Z6 (my RPI4 is on my main scope). I'm interested in using the focus directly on the Z6 from Stellarmate, if this works I'll be quite happy!