I've encountered a strange problem.  If I Load & Slew to a particular object (typically a certain framing from previous image runs), if EKOS identifies that as a known target, it does the flip and continues fine.  But a couple of times, where the alignment is centred on empty space (eg a pt between the Leo Triplet), it comes to flip time, does the flip but then nothing.  And eventually crashes.

This happened last night when btw there was also a known-target job scheduled after the Leo run was meant to have finished.  But the job never started.  So it seemed to do the flip, didn't know where it was, and kept on doing I'm not quite sure exactly what until it came time to close?  (The log runs on for 3 hrs after this flip happened so it was alive and not crashed but nothing seemed to be happening - yet when I opened up the laptop this morning there was an error box and Kstars had crashed).

I can share the log file but its 198Mb big for some reason so it exceeds the size limit for attaching?  (Another weird thing, the log file was appended to a log file from 31st Jan rather than starting its own log file)

Not quite sure what's happening?