as i am starting to observe exoplanet transits I wanted to create a simple csv and import to kstars catalogue, unlucky kstars crashed with csv import,
then i found a python script to query simbad for exo transits within observatory coordinates and local time zone on github github.com/JohannesBuchner/simbad2kstars
simbad2kstars is 7 years old repo and outdated the database output format is not compatible with kstars sqlite requirements,
so now i am bit of frustrated and need help to manage creating a exoplanet DB by querying simbad and import to kstars,
it would be the coolest thing on earth to get a exoplanet database integrated into kstars/ekos :-)

are there plans plans to integrate live photometry into ekos?

any help much appreciated,
Thanks in advance,
clear skies,