Aidan Gray replied to the topic 'Saving CCD blob to FITS file' in the forum. 3 years ago

Thank you for the link, but I'm still a little confused.
I'm new to using Indi, and I'm using the PyIndi wrapper, so I'm not quite sure how to use the CCD::processBLOB. The code I started with is from the example here: .

The relevant part at the end, where I receive the blob's data:

for blob in ccd_ccd1:
print("name: ",," size: ", blob.size," format: ", blob.format)
print("fits data type: ", type(fits))
# here you may use to access the fits data

The format of "blob" returns a bytearray object, and the size is 12104640.
Using I can create the fits file but the data is 1D. Can I make a call to CCD::processBLOB somehow to convert this into a 2D byte array that FITS viewers like?

Thank you again for the help.