Wade Prunty replied to the topic 'Software Bisque Paramount MX+' in the forum. 2 years ago

xthestreams wrote: This is where it gets interesting. IIUC - tt should still slew to target, but won't attempt to update the model inside your T-Point.

What that relies on/benefits from is you having done the hard yards with the T-Point setup and a cracking good PA.

I totally get that. And that is what I want to happen. TPoint creates such a great pointing model, I would not want Ekos to mess with that at all. My issue is that the Ekos Align tool is not completing a full "closed loop slew." I'll type out how it happens below.

1. I use the mount control panel to slew to a target.
2. In the Align tab I select Capture & Solve with Slew to Target selected. Within the solver options I have "Use differential slewing instead of syncing" selected.
3. An image is taken and Astrometry solves it right away. Now it shows the arc second error in the Solution Coordinates Error box.
4. Ekos reports the mount is slewing to the solved coordinates.
5. When slewing completes Ekos reports that alignment has been completed within my accuracy requirement and ends its alignment process.

Normally the alignment behavior, when not using differential slewing, would be that after step 4 a new image would be taken and solved to confirm that the previous solve and slew did bring it within my accuracy settings. But this is not happening, and actually the mount seems not to have slewed like step 5 reported. It never continues to confirm the alignment.

Is what I'm reporting the expected behavior of the alignment tool when using differential slewing? If Ekos doesn't truly complete the "closed loop slew" then I'll never be able to use it with the Paramount.

If this is not the expected behavior then I will run this process again and upload the logs from it.

Thanks again for taking the time to help me with this! I REALLY REALLY love Ekos and want to continue to be able to utilize it for my acquisition sessions.