Ron Clanton replied to the topic 'New Focus Algorithm in Ekos' in the forum. 2 months ago


Thanks for the explanations!

Good to hear on the backlash... as you say, it shouldn't really matter with linear.

On focus with a SCT... I can understand the difficulty with the focusing mechanism. For me, it's all the more reason to keep it simple. First form a good curve on the first pass, then move out a large amount and back to that position.

On the polling time... This may be where I'm having issues. Mine is set at 1,000 ms (1 sec). Based on what I hear when it moves out and then moves in, it is nowhere near a 1 second delay. I'll need to check the messaging to see if it reports reaching the position. Next time, I'll try an exaggerated polling time (like 3,000) to see if I can discern a true delay.

Thanks again!