Hey Karl,
Sorry for the delay is responding, I can check out your fork and test as needed sure no problem. So based off the latest update you did I tested Manual mode and was able to take multiple pictures below 30 seconds with out issue. I then set the camera to bulb mode and tried taking some picture above 30 seconds. It was successful but there was a positive the sequence executed as planned however the shutter didn't stay open. So as you know the camera has 2 bulb settings press and hold or press to open press to close. Would it be possible to write a function for the K30 to fire the shutter at the start of the sequence and fire again at the end and i could set the camera to the second option and test this?

I tried taking a picture with an exposure longer than 30 seconds in manual mode but it just defaulted the timer back to 30 seconds, it did complete the 30 seconds exposure though so that's a win.


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