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Not 100% verified but I believe I have resolved my issues. Here's the fix that I required if anyone else is looking in the future.

A) The cover actually unscrews around the sensor and it was clearly marked QHYCCD (good start).
B) The Vendor and Product IDs were listed in both Windows and Stellarmate as ff56 and 00ff respectively and not the default for the SSAG of VendorID:1856 and ProductID:0011.
C) Open terminal on the "desktop" of Stellarmate and type "sudo nano /lib/udev/rules.d/85-qhycdd.rules
D) Scroll down to find the SSAG entry and change the values to what your system is reporting
E) Ctrl-X and Save/Overwrite

That's it, everything worked after that for me.


Bob Slib created a new topic ' Orion SSAG version' in the forum. 8 months ago

So I’m told only the older version of the SSAG is compatible with INDI, my question is how do I determine which version I have? I bought it used so I really have no idea.

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