Well, it was a curiosity more than anything else. I couldn't understand why it couldn't be ported to work natively in Windows.

Even with running Linux in Windows, it's still all rather convoluted.

ASCOM in a pain because you have to deal with a splatterfest of apps, and if something doesn't work right the fingers all point in different directions. Been there, done that. That's what I like about Ekos, everything runs from one place.

Of course, it's easiest just to run it on the Pi, but sometimes the Pi's lack of power can get in the way. I've been looking at MiniPCs to load some Linux variant, then install the software and try to set it up as a hotspot like the PI. Linux is too convoluted for me with it's terminal-everything approach to doing things, so I'll just stick with the Pi and deal with it. I do wish there would be a Pi 5 already.

Thanks for your feedback.