Okay! Problem solved. It seems that the dialogue box appears hidden behind a lot of other stuff, and not on top....!

Moved everything aside and finally found it. Captured successfully and all now good.




I'm very new to INDI/EKOS/etc so bear with me. Also, if I'm posting this in the wrong place, please also let me know :). This software has so many components, I'm not sure which bits are discussed where!

I'm using the latest (stable) Astroberry, running on a Pi3, and am using Kstars on MacOS to connect to it. Leaning my way around pretty quickly and have most of it generally up and running.

My issue is that on the guiding section, if I select the checkbox to use/create a dark, then click capture, then I'm expecting the popup to ask if the camera I'm using has a shutter after the initial frame gets captured (being an SX Lodestar, it doesn't...). Unfortunately, rather than getting this, following the main frame capture, it just hangs, with the spinny thing, and nothing else happens - i.e. it's like it's waiting for the answer to a dialogue box that doesn't appear. I can stop the capture fine - i.e it doesn't hang totally.

If I don't select to create a dark then it proceeds with no issues and the capture finishes fine (but obviously without the dark being captured).

When I do this on the Pi itself, I get the dialogue, I click the relevant answer, and the dark acquision works fine. I know I could copy over the files, but that's a pain, and really it should be working on the client Mac.

Anyone have any ideas?