I use a post capture script to rsync my pictures to my NAS. I run the rsync in the background and return immediately so the capture queue does not wait for the rsync to complete. You could try to nest your scripts and have the post capture script run a second script in the background and return immediately.


Just a quick note than an alternative to getting a dummy HDMI dongle is to use the dummy monitor driver xserver-xorg-video-dummy. I've used it with X11vnc on Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04. I use a script to switch between dummy mode and HDMI mode depending on whether or not I want to run my Mele PCs headless or not.

If interested just google xserver-xorg-video-dummy. There are articles out there on setting it up.


I've been searching through the forum looking for the polar alignment issue that I had last night (not easy with a limit of 20 results). In any case, I had an issue with the polar alignment refresh last night that seems similar to the one reported here. Although I did not get any crashes, I did have problems with the FITS Viewer refresh during polar alignment.

The main issue seemed to be that the FITS viewer would not refresh. I went through the PA tool multiple times, I'd get to the PA result, toggle to the full screen FITS Viewer, select a star, Alt-Tab back to the PA tool, click Next then click refresh and although the "Image #" was incrementing every second the FITS viewer was not refreshing the image. Hard to do the alignment without the refresh.

I had used the PA tool the night before without issue so I was trying figure out what I changed to break it. Ultimately it seemed to be related to using dark images. The previous evening I did not used Dark images and earlier in the day I had created a set of new dark images using the Dark Library tool. So, I had enabled the dark check box on the Align tool. As soon as I unchecked the Dark box the FITS Viewer refresh started working again.

Another note, it seems that the KStars 3.5.8 version now has a minimum refresh of 1.0 second. I'm pretty sure I used to use 0.5 seconds with Update PA Error on.

I'm using KStars 3.5.8 on Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS. Guide camera is QHYCCD QHY5 III 178C.


Tunafish replied to the topic 'How I lost whole night if imaging' in the forum. 1 year ago

This also happened to me a couple months back but I have not seen it happen again. At the time I thought it might be related to using the new dark library tool in the Ekos CCD tab. I believe the darks are written to /tmp before they are processed and added to the dark library. Somehow this over wrote the directory setting in the main CCD tab. Now, I have not been able to repeat this so it was more of a guess as to what happened.


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Maybe this is already a feature of KStars/EKOS but an easy to use framing tool as part of planning targets would be nice. I currently use telescopius.com/ to do my framing. I'll filter and pick a target then get the FOV framing based on my equipment details. I can then drag the FOV frame around to get the best framing. Then I usually add the RA/Dec of the center point as a custom object to KStars to use for my session. Be nice if this could be done quickly inside KStars/EKOS.