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Sound like exactly the same issue. Though for me setting refresh to 0 still makes the clock jump around/stutter.

I've gone down the route of using a python script to set the system clock to the GPS time using GPSD which works fine. I am ok just running this script when i first log on and my astro-sessions are never more than a few hours so I shouldn't need to re-sync.

Hopefully this bug can be fixed soon.


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Hi, I have an interesting issue when using a GPS dongle with INDI/KStars on Astroberry/RPI3.

It connects find and gets a fix when you look in Indi Control Panel when things are started and gets the correct location and datetime.

However after the initial fix it never refreshes the date/time every 60s and the data in the "UTC Time" box never changes from "2020-07-04T20:04:26.000Z" in this example.

As a result the date/time on KStars counts up from 21:04:26 (I have +1h UTC offset which is correct) but then after 60 seconds (when I assume it is refreshing the time from the dongle) it goes back to 20:04:26 (screen shot below shows the date/time i'm referring to.

As a result everything is off when trying to use EKos. It is worth noting if I manually set date time in the system console and location in KStars everything works fine.

Version info below:

What a I doing wrong? Note Virtual GPS is disabled, and the same happens on a clean astroberry (version2.0.0) image, which I downloaded previously on 12/Jan/2020.