TallFurryMan wrote: Sounds like it could be related to invent.kde.org/education/kstars/-/issues/38 , but not quite. There is no network share access from the point of view of Ekos, correct?


Could be yes, but I'm not 100% sure. The error message window looks the same as in the screenshot after it has crashed out but maybe the actual error text shown before the crash is different. It doesn't let you click the OK button on the message box as soon as it pops up and then a few seconds later you get the crash.

KStars/Ekos is running locally on the PI with all hardware connected locally and I'm looking at it on remote desktop (which happily stays connected and responding fine all evening without issue). The network share "shouldn't" (famous last words!) be having any impact I would speculate. I've also tried sequence files created on the EKos schedule window and ones I created via text editor in case it was a permissions issue on that file and it happens in both cases.

I've not noticed any issues with the file numbering as I'm doing a max of 50 images for each exposure length so the number in the file name is resetting as expected when the next exposure length begins. I also have the timestamp in the file name and the gap between images is never <1.2 second (min 1s exp plus transfer between camera and pi time). The access violation is on the .esl sequence file.