Hi, i'm currently using INDI Library: 1.8.7 and have noticed two issues with my 5Dmk2, using the "Canon DSLR" Indi driver.

First off in the INDI control panel under the camera "Image Info" tab it always reverts to 8 Bits per pixel. If you change it to 16 bits you can see it change, and then it flips back to 8 bits immediately by its self. What is causing this? I thought .CR2 files were 14 bit depth, and I am selecting native rather than FITs files.

Secondly I notice the download time is vary variable.  The below is a log from 10 x 30s exposures. The download time varies between 7s (great!) and almost 30s (not so great). What is causing this variability?

Is it something to do with fits viewer as I note download is always <1s if I disable viewing images (also all processing is currently disabled for FITS viewer).

I could disable FITS viewer bit I do like to see the images in case there is an issues (usually mechanical with the mount!).

Running on a Rpi3+, with just KStars running on the PI, and viewing remote via TigerVNC over wifi on my W10 laptop.

Log from Ekos while running locally on the Pi.