just to follow up on my testing: had one night of clear skys last week. The Alt-Az driver did work with my Az-Eq 6 with the limitations described earlier by geehalel:
- solve & slew to target works great
- no syncing
- tracking somewhat choppy
- guiding of no use

regarding the two last points: tracking probably ok for visual observation. While taking pictures it would coarsely change position (couple of arcminutes) every 40 secs or so. Tried to enable guiding: calibration successful, but RMS around 4 arcsecs, which is probably of no good use. My perception was the bad guiding is connected to these coarse changes of position while tracking (guiding in same seeing conditions with eqmod around 0.6 - 0.8 arcsecs). Another issue I noticed is my mount is somewhat backtracking manual slewing (like a very strong backlash compensation). Had no backlash enabled, though (have no options to do so).