Renzo created a new topic ' Canon EOS400D not connecting to PC' in the forum. 3 years ago

Hi all.

This is my first post, so please let me start by sending a huge thanks to KNRO for developing Ekos!

I am going crazy after an issue I can't solve:
- I own a Canon EOS400D (it's old, I know, but it still works for my astropics) and a USB cable
- I use Linux (latest openSuse) on my PC and both gphoto and libgphoto2 are installed and up to date
- Problem: I can't manage to make my PC recognise the camera!

What I tried:
- lsusb: no usb detected (apart from other known devices) does not communicate (not a great start...)!
- gphoto --auto-detect or similar from digiKam (and other software too): not working (since there's no usb detected...)
- of course the camera is on and the usb cable is working.
- some other people online suggested to play around with the PTP protocol setting but....there seems to be no such setting (e.g. communication settings) on the camera! ...but the gphoto2 website says the EOS400D is supported!
- I can't try on a Windows machine, but anyway I've read that EOS Utility software would work up to Windows 7.

Conclusions: I think something fundamentally wrong is going on here!
- is this DSLR model even able to be setup with PTP? (PS: just to be super sure - can you confirm that PTP is the protocol needed to communicate with INDI/Ekos? or maybe something else is needed to make the camera model accessible?)
- in the camera settings, Firmware is set to 1.1.1: do you think I need to try and reinstall the firmware?
- bonus question: I heard about the Shoestring USB solution, but I don't know if it's what I need to make this work...and I definitely prefer not to waste money on a hope! Any clue?

Basically the camera doesn't even communicate with the PC. I tried every setting or button, but nothing. Ideally, my aim is to connect it to a Linux machine (or a raspberry pi in the future) to automate captures and dithering, etc...
I would be very grateful if someone could help me here. Even if your opinion is negative and you think this model can't be used with Ekos...that's an acceptable reply, at least I will stop trying.

Thanks to all in advance.