Jasem, I made few trial with the simulators and Load&Slew but no success. Probably I was not clear with my request.

First of all, I have NO automatic rotator, so I need to match the angle by hand, with the help of ekos.

Load&Slew correctly center the FOV (but not the rotation of course). What I see in kstars atlas are two FOVs, CCD Simulator FOV and Solver FOV. The latter is pinned to the solved position and rotation, the former has the same size and rotation but it's always at the center of the screen. Probably I'm missing the purpose of the two FOVs....however it seems that the rotation of the loaded file is not reported anywhere.

Rotator in Capture module is disabled if not automatic rotator is connected, so no help also from here.

What I would like to do is:

1 - Load a FITS file, solve it and show it onto kstars atlas
2 - Slew to solved target and show actual camera FOV on kstars atlas as well
3 - Since the two FOVs will usually be aligned but with different rotation, I would like to have an interactive assistant that continuously acquires and solves images, updating the rotation of the camera FOV, so that I can manually align it with the one originally loaded from the FITS file.

I hope now it's more clear.

Is it possible in some way?