Alexandre Chapellon created a new topic ' SPC900 LX without mod' in the forum. 2 years ago

I just got a Phillips SPC900 I hoped I could use for guiding.
Most things on the setup are working but I can't seem to get the long exposure working on this cam.

It's not moded but my understanding was that it was not 100% necessary.
In particular I was under the impression one could use the LED ioctl in order to transmit long exposure commands.
In particular this thread bellow filled my heart with hope:

@gaetan mentioned his driver can work without moding the cam (at least that's my understanding), so I ported his changes to the current driver and recompiled but despite I can load the new module with appropriate settings (flashled=1) I still get an error when clicking on the "SPC900 LED" button in the "Long Exposure" tab of the indi_v4l2_ccd panel:

2020-08-05T14:24:30: Can not set Lx Mode to SPC900 LED 
2020-08-05T14:24:30: ERROR: device does not support PWC ioctl

Anyone know how to shoot long exposure frames with the SPC900? Is there any solution which doesn't involve soldering and buying more electronic parts?