Whenever I try to do long exposure frames with my spc900 and the v4l2_ccd driver, the driver goes unresponsive and spits the error message bellow repeatedly:

2021-01-31T20:20:23: Driver indi_v4l2_ccd: newFrame: frame received while not exposing, force-aborting capture

I have a webcam Phillips SPC900NC which I modified using the long exposure mod.
I have compiled the pwc-lxled driver for my led, which loads successfully and both normal capture (bellow 0.025 seconds or stacked) and streaming works ok in the indi client UI.
On the other hand, long exposure pictures gives me the error above, though I can see the LED turns on or the duration of the exposure and turns off after exposure time. Only then the error starts to appear in the logs.
I have checked the verbose logs but couldn't find anything obvious (see attached file

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I'm using a fairly recent version of libindi:
INDI Library: 1.8.7
Code v1.8.6-11-g92c1e617. Protocol 1.7.

The error message seem to suggest the driver didn't really notice it is actually exposing but that doesn't help me much.

Any help is mush appreciated as I have spent a fair amount of time moding this cam and would really like to get this working at some point :)