Hello,I have a QHY-10 and I have to admit I'm not using it that often... (almost never)I just took it out of the cupboard a few days ago to test some stuff and took a deeper look at the camera and the darks I took with them.I'm no CCD expert, and I know that's a rather old cam but the darks look odd to me. When visualizing the dark frame in Siril and setting the display to linear it of course looks all black, but when setting it the display mode to auto-adjust I can see a gradient of colors from purple to green.More interesting, if I set the qhy_ccd driver to USB=1 of USB=0, the gradient direction moves from vertical to horizontal...Bellow are screenshots from both darks, in slow (~20s to get the frame) and fast (~1s to get the frame) modes:



I would be curious to understand:
* why am I getting different gradients depending on that setting of the qhy_ccd driver(USB speed)
* If that's something with the driver, what's the right way to configure the camera?
* Are these gradients normal or is it a proof of something wrong with my cam?

P.S: FITS are available fits darkshere