For the sake of completeness and in case anyone else is experiencing this issue I will present the two workarounds I found.

Firstly, INDI comes packaged with a couple command line options that will allow one to see and set various parameters. The output of indi_getprop is easily parsed for automated data collection.

Additionally, INDI also supports the use of D-BUS . The linked tutorial is a tad out of date but is still applicable to Python 3. Though, I did find I did not need to initialize gobject or use dbus.glib, which is now a depreciated module.

Personally, I will be sticking to D-BUS for now as it also allows for interactions with Ekos, such as triggering auto-focus.


It seems this is not an issue localized to the Vantage drivers nor my code.
Copy and pasting the code from the PyINDI Tutorial into a Python script and running it results in the following output.

INDI::BaseClient::connectServer: creating new connection...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 82, in <module>
    telescope_on_coord_set[0].s=PyIndi.ISS_ON  # TRACK
TypeError: 'ISwitchPropertyview' object does not support indexing

After dissecting the attributes of various I*type*Propertyview objects I have yet to find one that allows me to access the output of the sensors associated with any equipment.
The readings are displayed within the INDI control panel in Ekos which leads me to believe the issue lays in PyINDI. Was there a change in methodology in PyINDI or is this a bug?

I am using version 0.2.7 of the pyindi-client.

If this isn't the correct forum to be using for this issue, a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.


Hi all,

I recently did a fresh installation of Ubuntu 18.04 and installed the latest versions of all INDI/PyINDI. I noticed some of the scripts I've written using PyINDI are no longer working.
For context I'm using a Davis Vantage Pro2 and am trying to access the weather parameters.

Here is a PasteBin Link to my script. At line 71 it throws the following error.

TypeError: 'INumberPropertyview' object does not support indexing

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



I went out and confirmed that the console was reading the correct temperature, -20°C.


Hey All,

I've been using a Davis Vantage Pro2 for weather monitoring out in the field and I've noticed some interesting readings.

Winter is starting to show its teeth here in Minnesota and things have gotten quite cold. The Davis system, that I'm running through INDI, is starting to show values around 3600°C!

After reviewing the logged data it seems that temperature is still being tracked properly, just at a massive offset. It seems to roll over at temps below -17.78°C to 3623°C.

I haven't had a chance to go out and see if the console is giving the same readings, however.

Ultimately, this isn't a major issue, for myself, but I figured it was worth noting.




Here is a directory with the needed python files from the PlaneWave website.
There is a zip file labeled which should have everything you need.
Keep in mind that PWI4 must be running while using the scrips provided.


That sounds fantastic! Any idea where I should start digging? I looked through the QHY driver properties and could not find anything resembling a rapid capture mode.


Hi All,

I've been attempting to get an automated observatory up and running which would take images extremely quickly. I have been using a QHY 183M CMOS camera and have noticed that if I take a rapid sequence of exposures the vast majority of them will not be saved. I suspect that this is a file write speed issue but have been unable to verify this. I've attempted to save the FITS files to an external drive (HDD) thinking that the external drive would be able to dedicate all its write speed to the incoming FITS files but I did not notice increased performance.

Before I invest in getting an external SSD or some other more exotic solution, I was hoping someone on here may have some experience in this area. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


For those who may run into the same issue I did in the future...
If you enable debug and see that a script is returning 512 you need to add "#!/usr/bin/python" to the beginning of your script.


Hey all,

I've been working on bridging the gap between Ekos and a telescope mount with no INDI drivers. I figured using the Telescope Scripting Gateway would be a straightforward way to do this as the mount has a Python API. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the connect script to work. Despite ending the script in "sys.exit(0)" Ekos continues to return that it failed to connect.

I can't seem to find any documentation on the scripting gateway outside of the text file "telescope_script.txt"

If someone could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.


I did the same and the QHY camera is now detected!


After a fresh installation of Ubuntu MATE (20.04) the problem seemed to persist.
After installing Raspberry Pi OS, Ekos had no issue finding the camera. And everything seems to work as it should.
Considering Ubuntu MATE for the Pi 4 is still in beta I'm not sure who's end this issue is coming from.
At any rate, its worth noting that other devices (Celestron SCT focuser and Celestron CGX mount) had no issue connecting under Ubuntu MATE.