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I hope someone can help me as I am stumped.  I have a Starlight Xpress SX674 camera which earlier this year was working fine.  However, I had to take a break from things and have now come to set everything back up again and have been testing everything to make sure on the next clear night I can get going again.  

Unfortunately the something to do with the data transfer from the camera is causing issues.  If I connect it via my Pegasus PowerBox Advance I get a small artefact around 2/3's of the way down the frame as per the first picture.  If I connect it directly to my Pi4 things are much worse and I get the second image.  I have also tried NINA on my PC and it works fine as per the third image.  I have tried everything; different USB cables, all the different ports, I have completely wiped Astroberry and re-flashed the SD card and have even tried a different Pi4 and the result is the same which leads to me to suspect it is a driver or other software issue.

My Altair Astro 130M works just fine as does my Sony RX10M4.  It is only the SX674 which is causing issues.

Note the fourth image is just a bunch of stacked frames so you can more clearly see the artefact.

Has anyone got any ideas at all?

Any help would be hugely appreciated sx1.jpg sx2.jpg


porkyhttp wrote: EkosLive is a service and it is not related if you use astroberry or other systems. I am interested to the OFFLINE version, but I do not know how it works

Indeed however in an earlier post someone mentioned that one of the differences between Stellarmate and Astroberry was EKOS Live and this is not the case.

Both use KStars/EKOS and both use an RPi so the differences come down to either accessing the control panel via an app or via VNC (although with Stellarmate you have both options) and that's about it and EKOS Live largely eradicates this difference as there isn't much the app does that Live does not.

In terms of the functionality of Kstars/EKOS they are the, to all intents and purposes, the same and using KStars/EKOS on one is identical to using it on the other. The setup up wizard of Stellarmate is slightly slicker and you are more shielded from the underlying OS but the difference is marginal so it comes down to support. With Stellarmate you get perhaps a quicker response although that said I raised an issue with the developer of Astroberry on another forum yesterday and he pushed out a fix this morning.


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Just a quick note on this. I managed to raise this with Radek on the SGL forum and he has just pushed through a fix which appears to be working so you just need to sudo apt upadte and sudo apt upgrade and it should ok. I have tested the fix using 1 second updates for the GPS and all seems well.


It is worth noting that EKOS Live is available to Astroberry users as well. Just register on EKOS Live and in the EKOS control click on the little cloud symbol and hey presto - just pop in your log in details and away you go. I have tested this and it works very well.