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hy wrote: you got it working with the simulator.

Argg, I knew it: gremlins at the tripod!! :angry:

Start Ekos, connect to Indi
In the Indi Control Panel, Telescope Simulator Tab, Simulation sub-tab, set Pole Azm to some error (e.g. 0.3 degrees) and Pole elev to some error (e.g. 0.5). Those numbers are in degrees, and I'm not sure what the MA and ME stand for. Hit set. Save configuration in the options sub tab.[/li]
In the Ekos window, unpark your mount if it is parked. [/li]
In the KStars Skymap, Move the telescope's position away from the pole. Even if you want to simulate PAA near the pole, move it 1-degree away at least. The simulator seems to have an issue when it is very close to the pole. [/li]
Back in the Ekos window, Align tab, you can now start polar alignment.

This was the missing part: how to misalign a "perfectly aligned" system ;-)

What is the purpose of the Flip Vector check mark?
Setting the mark puts the crosshair on the star that should be moved and at the end of the yellow line there is no purple line.