I don't understand what you are referencing. The port at the bottom of the hand controller (NexStar+) is specifically described as a PC port. And is also described as being used with Celestron's software packages and firmware updates. Are you looking at current specifications? Please see this short description from the NexStar resource site: nexstarsite.com/PCControl/USBCable.htm

My OTA is >20 years old, and the controller base was failing. So I very recently bought the SE base/controller with the NexStar+ Hand Controller. The hand controller has the mini USB connector for the purposes I described above.

I never suggested that you thought my OTA failed. I do not believe that I am making myself clear.

Celestron software can control the scope through a connection to this USB port in the hand controller. It is what it is for. Therefore it seems that Astroberry should be able to do the same.

I don't understand the references you are making, can you share a link?

Also, are you using Astroberry to control a Celestron SE type scope?
Thanks, Bill