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Hi everyone! This is my first post here so I hope I'm in the right place and not out of like to talk about my issues.

I've just recently got my first astro camera (ZWO ASI462MC) and I installed the latest Astroberry build on a fresh RPI4 with the master plan being to get into guiding and do some planetary work. So far so good, I can use VNC and the browser to access it. Some of the built-in applications work fine "out of the box", but sadly not the ones I'd like to use for planetary imaging. Please bear with me for a sec while I explain.

+ Indi server with zwo_ccd driver starts fine, Kstars/Ekos work and I can use the 462MC. Apparently all functionality is there but for simple planetary images/videos, I'd need a much simpler tool.
+CCDCiel also works - same here, played with it, not fan, it's not stable, I'd like to use something else.

- OACapture seems interesting except it won't work with this camera. It sees it in the device list but when I select it, nothing happens. If I start it via CLI, I just get "unrecognized device". Is the 462 too new for this? OAcapture version shows 1.8, I can't even find it on their website, I only see 1.7 there. How can this be?

- FireCapture looks promising but of course it also won't recognize the camera. I tried to start it with and without indi server running with no success. This really is strange as FireCapture on my Windows 10 machine works with this camera, this would indicate that is maybe a driver issue?

I've been reading about something called Planetary Imager. It seems ideal, simple, has all settings, except there is no prepared ARM build for RPI and their instructions to build it manually are too "minimal" for me to make sense. I would love some help getting this working.

ASICAP would be cool but it is out of the question, apparently they don't have any support for RPI.

Any help getting the FireCapture, OACapture or Planetary Imager to work is greatly appreciated. Also any tips on other capture software out there which would work on Astroberry with the ASI462MC. Anything similar to Astrophotography Tool maybe?

This is an example of FireCapture not seeing the camera:

Thank you!