Hello DYI astromotorists :)

I have jumped the gun and got Waveshare HAT, compiled the GIT and can find XML files as per Install_Manifest:

But the Focuser driver doesn't show up in the KStars/EKOS drop down list.

My suspicion is that it is because INDIServer is started by Kstars, not manually and probably I have to add this driver somewhere, but there is nothing that suggests this in the INDI setup of KStars.

And since my Raspbian skills are pretty poor, I am a bit lost what to do. Any good ideas?

ps. I have checked usr/bin/ directory and there are bunch of familiar binaries with sort of driver names (indi_ccd and similar), this doesn't have wmh_focuser binary, should I move it from build to usr/bin? (sorry if dumb question)