Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the support. I had a look at the responses and updating the Distribution was what made the most sense for me to try first. I had made an image of my SD Card in the Pi4 already so running the update just required the correct syntax. My lack of Linux Savi made me hesitate trying just anything. Thanks wvreeven for providing the correct commands.

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get update

It worked. I am suspecting that the INDI-ASI driver was the main issue. The ASI294MM Pro seems to have been released in September, so I obviously had to do an update. Doing so seems to have got everything working. So THANK YOU....

Just for the record, I use:

Celestron Edge HD 800 OTA
ASI294MM Pro Main Camera
William Optics M-G50PB-WB Guide Scope
ASI120MM mini Guide Camera
Raspberry Pie4 / 4Gig Running INDISERVER / Wireless
StarTech USB3 7 Port Powered HUB
West Mountain Radio / RIGrunner 4005H / 12V Power Distribution
Nautilus Marine Battery / 65AH

Looking at getting a Starizona HyperStar8