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Need to get this driver for iOptron mount with Fedora 32. Does anyone know where and when this driver will be publically available?

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Can EKOS be setup to control a telescope with an ST4 compatible Dual Axis drive corrector for astrophotography?

If so does the Profile have the Mount setting set to Telescope Simulator?

In KStars Tools > Devices under the Telescope tab does one have to list the guide scope there or just the main telescope?

Where are the drivers selected and are external drivers needed for ZWO ASI120MM and Canon cameras?

I'm looking to guide a Meade 8 inch F/5 scope with a 70mm F/4 guide scope. My mount has a 7.5 inch Byers gear (120 VAC) and
Tangent arm declination (12 VDC)

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My Canon 459D driver is "indi_gphoto_ccd"

I think the problem is that I didn't run the command from the konsole:
indiserver indi_gphoto_ccd indi_simulator_telescope indi_asi_st4 indi_simulator_focus
however the indi starter app shows started when I click the start button and it shows a green dot.

Also my 3rd party drivers are from github and they are updated almost daily but all of them are configured as "custom" and not as CCD etc.



Keep getting error "Ekos requires at least one CCD or Guider to operate"

I'm using a old Meade research grade mount with ST4 compatible drive corrector and ASI120 guide camera. I have Fedora 32 Astronomy spin with all the latest 3rd party drivers including gphoto and indi libraries for ASI etc.

I have the setup configured:

Mount: Simulator
Guider: ZWO
Focuser: Simulator

Aux1: ST4_ASI
Aux2: GPhoto CCD

I have the driver path: usr/share/indi
When I was testing my setup, I just had the Canon camera and ASI 120 guider connected to the USB ports and I ran the Konsole command: LSUSB and both the Canon and ASI devices showed listed. I'm using the mount simulator because my mount does not have a controller. Its just 120VAC synchronous motor for RA and the declination is 12vdc. I'm using the ALCOR drive corrector designed by Michael Covington and the ST4 inputs are in parallel with the hand controller which uses active LOW to ground signal through +5v and pullup resistors.