Brent replied to the topic 'IC1848 Mosaic' in the forum. 3 months ago

Sure. ZWO ASI183MM Pro, Optolong 1 1/4" 7nM Ha filter, 8 position ZWO EFW, ZWO EAF focuser, 8" SkyWatcher Quatrto Imaging Newtonian scope with SW Comma Corrector on a DIY hypertuned CGEM mount guided by a StarField 60mm guide scope with a ZWO ASI 120MM Mini camera. Used a StellarMate O/S for capture and control.

On this image I set up a schedule to capture a 2x3 mosaic. Slew, Focus, Plate Solve and guiding were all under the O/S's control. When the sequence was finished it parked the mount and warmed the camera. The data was all processed in PixInSight. Sadly I am new to using the PhotoMetric Mosaic tool in Pix, and I had to use Luminar to repair the noticeable horizontal overlap. Oddly the vertical overlap was not noticeable.

I should add the data was taken from my observatory at 52N -108W in a Bortle 2 sky, with the Moon at 98-99% illumination.