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Still getting a hancle on the Mosaic Schedule tool. This image was captured last night and is made up from a 3x2 panel pattern. Due to time I prefer to have my focus done prior to comencing the schedule and have the aoto focus kick in IF the temperature changes by 3 or more degrees. I am now pretty comfortable in setting up a session. But IMO the mosaic tool could still use some work. There were no adjustments made to anything while the session was slewing. plate solving guiding and capturing.

Each panel of the 6 was 4 4 minute exposures an unity with a ASI533MC P with a L-eNhsance filter. The scope was a SW Quattro with the SW coma corrector, The data was cput together with APP amd tuned in PixInSight.

52248133665_2723b5a7eb_k.jpg M31 July27 by Brent Secord , on Flickr