Chris created a new topic ' Begginers help - Celestron Evolution' in the forum. 2 years ago

Hi there, my first post. I own a celestron evolution, and i currently control it either via wifi through its own hotspot or through Stellarium via the handset with the comms cable. But since ive started to take a look at Astroberry, and with ideas to run a similar setup but using my Raspberry Pi, im wondering if anyone has managed to control the Celestron evolution using KStars and indi server?

Ive set the telescope up in indi, i think correctly, and ive selected the Celestron AUX driver for it that i found was the suggested driver for this mount. But when i clcik on start it says server not found? What am i missing?

Ive managed to setup my DSLR and also my Imaging source CCD camera and both work fine, but obviusly ill probably shelve this whole idea if i cant get it to control the telescope at least lol

Anyone got any pointeres of what i should be looking for? appreciate not much detail in here. Alos, im connected through the handset, is this correct using the usb to serial cable?

Many thanks