Hi Paul,

when you write about tests, you mean the original, unmodified ASI library? right?
If I finish some minor fixes on high-frame speed recording, I'll move on to fixing long exposure.
Apart from the hiccups when starting high-speed recording, it seems to me that the situation in my library is under control.

I am also planning to buy a bigger camera from ASI and I think I will get the situation under control as well.
What kind of camera would you buy? Maybe I'll buy the same one.

I put the 8/16-bit version on branch master, which works fine for me. I added the ability to set the size of buffers using the function and using the configuration file. Everything well described in the README and header file.
My next step is to fix timeouts and run capturing smoothly.

Maybe tonight, Polish time, I will manage to find some time and get it over with ;)
After completing the library and Indi, I'll take a look at other programs. FireCapture added to the list.