I'm coming back after a break.
I thought that we would be able to solve the problems in the original library with ZWO, unfortunately in short I got the answer "most of the users is not so critical about the speed on PI".

So I will continue to develop the boost library. I will take a look at the problems that were mentioned on the forum.

There is low speed writing to the card on the Raspberry PI and it will be difficult to get around this problem. The solution is to introduce:
- compression before saving to the memory card
- saving a short recording - using the version with a large amount of RAM
- sending directly over the network and saving to another computer

I also got "Asus Tinker Edge R" for testing, where most problems can be solved.

After all, there is still a problem with long exposure, if my library solves the problem, I'll be glad my work isn't wasted.