I am not very knowledgeable about networking, so I am easily stymied. I used Rob Lancaster's installation script for my Ubuntu mini-pc installation. At home Ubuntu connects to my wifi and I connect from windows using VNC Viewer.

Away from home, Ubuntu uses that same wifi to establish a hotspot. That works, and I can connect my laptop to the hotspot. However, I cannot get a VNC connection to work (have tried multiple viewers).

This all worked correctly last fall - same laptop, same mini-pc and I am obviously unsure what exactly changed in the interim. The windows laptop, when connected to the Beelink's wifi hotspot, does not have an IP address. I'm guessing this has something to do with the problem. How can I determine if Ubuntu is configured to act as DHCP server? "Connection Information" for the hotspot shows In the Settings for the hotspot, IPv4 Settings tab, all the fields are blank.

Thanks in advance for any pointers to the right direction.