All appears to be working with my Ubuntu 22.04 LTS install.

As for x11vnc, when I complained about slow and clunky I was still setting up and had a monitor physically plugged in to the mini-pc and another monitor for the computer that was logged in with vnc reader. Not sure if that was actually slowing things down - I also disabled the Conky system monitor that the rlancaste script installs (found it annoying), and I am now happy with the responsiveness using x11vnc.

I have both wifi adapters running, with the external adapter connecting to the home wifi and the internal putting up a hotspot. Both work well, and the range for the internal wifi hotspot is a refreshing change from the internal Pi wifi.

Decided to remove the 'tracking on/off' toggle from the tool bar - there's no confirmation dialog box (unlike when you turn tracking off in the Mount tab), and the added convenience isn't worth the risk of an accidental click. Still no minimize widget for Mount Control, and last night PHD2's 'Review calibration data' panel came up with no widgets at all. I couldn't close it or move it to the back, so I just dragged it nearly off screen and continued on.