Juan replied to the topic 'ToupTek GCMOS Driver' in the forum. 2 years ago

Hi guys, i am new here!

I am newby on indi server too, i used for first time last year with my old meade ETX 70 and raspberry PI 3, and works amazing, i can remote everything with kstars and ekos, but because of the short backfocus on the meade ETX i can't use the DSLR i have (canon EOS600D), then on 11-11 i buyed a new camera from china, i think is a rebranded toucam with 178C sensor and a fan for dispate the heat (maybe is to big for my little telescope), then now i read if possible the camera dosen't works with indi server on raspberry pi 3 (arm)? i see you realeased some drivers and i can see here www.indilib.org/ccds/toupcam-cameras.html this is working for all toucam cameras, then i want to know (if is possible) if my camera works or not.

I think my camera is this model G3CMOS06300KPA from this site www.touptek.com/product/showproduct.php?lang=en&id=269 but with USB 3.0. as i say before i buyed from china (aliexpress) es.aliexpress.com/item/32801956751.html?... , if anyone have this camera or knows if work or not, maybe he can tell me.

And another question, what you mind about this camera? is a good choice, for plantary and deep space, for now with my little telescope (maximum 60 seconds of exposure), or you maybe chosse the mono version?

Kind regards and thank you in advance!