Hi all,
I'm struggling with the following problem:
I want to set up a kstars system with an odroid N2. I installed Ubuntu 20.04.2 with kstars 3.5.4 and INDI 1.9.1. I can connect both my main camera (QHY268C) and guiding camera (ASI290 mini) succesfully. But when I try to connect my EQ6-R mount I get an error: 

I checked with lsusb, the mount is visible there:

I tried an "scan ports" in Ekos, but no success, always the same error. I also tried several USB ports  on the Odroid with no change. The mount is visible with lsusb, but not for Ekos :-(

What can I do to resolve this? I tried it some time ago with kstars 3.5.3 with the same problem... I hoped on kstars 3.5.4 and INDI 1.9.1