Hello Pawel,

thank you for this library. I was afraid I will have to write it on my own :)

I tested it on Jetson Xavier NX and I can achieve 1936x1096x8@170 at about 40% CPU usage.

When I did some tests on my own with my own ZWO Lib patch I could get the same bitstream (around 2.5Gbit) at about 0.3 to 3% CPU usage so I think it can still be optimized somehow. But to be honest I didn't check your code yet so I can't really tell.

Currently, on Xavier, I am using CUDA to Debayer the camera data and OpenGL to display the result. For details you can refer to forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/jetson-tel...processing/160782/13

Everything works really great. I can achieve 170 FPS of such bitrate at 50% CPU and 50% GPU usage. I will probably optimize it further, but tests I am satisfied with initial tasts.

My further plan is to save the video to NVME drive in the uncompressed AVI format (Full FPS) and stream part of the video (15-30 FPS) over WIFI to tablet or mobile using the Jetson H264 hardware encoder. I tested this already with Logitech C270 WebCam
and it works great. On the client I have used this: github.com/matijagaspar/ws-avc-player


Hello Luzik,

I did. They told me they will fix it. I referenced my own perf tests and also Pawel's code so hopefully they will have a good reference and fix it properly.

See bbs.astronomy-imaging-camera.com/d/11601...sdk-on-jetson-nano/5

for details.