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Hello people!

Last sessions are giving me some headaches about kstars giving up after a meridian flip. I'd like to denote that  the flip it self works very well, but after the procedure kstars is crashing or eventually it doesn't restart guiding.
A friend of mine has the same exact issue and it seems to be related to the internal solver, after he switched to astrometry he's reporting no more issues.
Now to mine, I switched to astrometry to solve pictures, but it seems to have a lot of issues, the most important is that it freezes my kstars process.
At first I think it was the version (astroberry ships with 0.76) but after a bump to 0.85 the behavior is still the same, the cli seems to work good enough and pretty fast if the RA/DEC coordinates are given (see  

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) so I am not sure what is going on within kstars; here you can see a screenshot of my options:

I am not sure why astrometry doesn't work as expected, I suppose this may be a matter of options? attached also the entire log from the astrometry solve-field  

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(90% of the file is Quad match is out of bound)