Mattia replied to the topic 'StellarSolver -' in the forum. 10 months ago

Hi Juergen and thank you very much for your precise answer!

To answer to your questions: I am not using a DSLR, I am using a ASI 533 when solving, the stellarsolver works and works pretty fast, but I have crash sometimes and that's why I am trying to make working, also I'd like to point out that even with the simulator I can't solve anything using astrometry.

I changed to smallscalesolving (the 0.0/0.0 has changed now, it was 0 after a reset to defaults probably), I restricted the radius search to 10, I decreased the timeout to 60 (Which anyway is not respected!) and it seems it can solve some pictures, the timing is unacceptable anyway, it thinks for ~5 minutes before giving me back a pair of coordinates so probably some options, when using, are not respected/optimized?